Starter Homes shelter single moms in Haiti

By May 31, 2021

Haiti (MNN) — When finances run low, one question always seems to rise to the top – how can you do more with less? Haiti is the poorest country in the Western hemisphere, and many Haitians find creative ways to answer this question.

For Haiti With Love’s Eva DeHart says God gave them a solution they didn’t expect. “Everything just kind of fell into place for this one,” she says.

First, the opportunity – a believer in the U.S. contacted For Haiti With Love and said, “I have $5,000 I would like to give toward a home, but I can’t afford one of the big ones; I can only afford the $5,000,” DeHart says, explaining the “big” homes referred to For Haiti’s Pilgrim Houses. More about that here.

Instead of asking this believer to sponsor half of a traditional home, Eva and her team created a brand new program.

“It’s filling a need that we hadn’t filled before and doing more with less,” DeHart says.

For Haiti With Love paired the donor’s desire to give with a frequent need in the community. Single moms were turning to the ministry for help because they had nowhere to live. More about that here.

Construction begins on a Starter Home.
(Photo courtesy of For Haiti With Love)

For Haiti With Love couldn’t place the moms in Pilgrim Homes because those are designed as multi-family or large family dwellings. “You really couldn’t justify spending $10- or $15,000 for a home for one lady and one or two little ones,” De Hart explains.

Starter Homes provide the perfect solution. And, they make Christ known.

“It’s a witness to the entire neighborhood where the home is going up. Everyone realizes that the Lord was involved in making this a reality for this family,” DeHart says.

Contact For Haiti With Love here to learn how you can support the Starter Home project. Most importantly, pray. “Pray with us that people [will] give consideration to the ministries they’ve been funding,” DeHart requests.

“As American budgets tighten, charity giving seems to be the first thing to go off the budget. Those ministries need to go on sharing God’s love and when you cut off support for a ministry, you’re taking away from the witness and the good they can do in the field.”



Header image depicts a worker putting the finishing touches on a Starter Home. (Photo courtesy of For Haiti With Love)