Still waiting to see how Arafat’s death will impact peace & ministry.

By November 26, 2004

Middle East (MNN)-The death of Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat still has many wondering how that will affect the peace process and also how it may impact ministry in the Middle East.

SAT-7‘s Terry Ascott says the future of the stability in the Middle East depends on how the new leadership will contribute to the current situation. It was clear that over the last few years Arafat was isolated and incapable of helping be part of the solution to the problem but now with his passing there is an uncertain future for the Palestinian people.

There is also concern as to how the change will impact ministry and the spreading of the Gospel. SAT-7 is a satellite television service for Christians in the Middle East. They work to encourage believers in their stand for Christ and as they share the Gospel with others.

Spokesman Terry Ascott says they don’t have any foreign staff on the ground there but are working through nationals and don’t think safety is an issue.

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