Storm-stopping prayers show God’s mercy

By December 4, 2013

28_11_2013-laharcycloneIndia (MNN) — News reports last week told of Cyclone Lehar threatening to hit Andhra Pradesh, India, on Thanksgiving Day. Predicted conditions included high winds and rough seas overwhelming low-lying areas.

India Partners asked for your prayers. And by the grace of God, those prayers were answered.

They received news from their ministry partners that the cyclone changed overnight, and the winds dissipated.

Lehar was expected to cause severe damage upon landfall, further incurring devastation on the land that got hit by Cyclone Helen the week before.

Their partners are reporting heavy rains, but the damage is much less severe than predicted.

India Partners thanks you for your prayers for mercy and protection. Please continue to pray for them as they help the villagers recover from Cyclone Helen.

Also pray for India Partners as they enter into a vital time of year when many people will be making contributions to their ministry. Their work provides the means to share the Gospel with some people who would otherwise never know the love of Jesus. If you’d like to contribute, click here.

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