Story number 1 for 1 Aug 2000

By August 1, 2000

We begin today in Indonesia where there were rumors of a planned assault and religious cleansing on the island of Ambon. The reported offensive was to have taken place on July 31rst. In response, church leaders called for a day of fasting and prayer. Open Doors’ Mike Yoder describes what happened next. “Our Indonesian director says calm has returned to Ambon in the last two days. As of 7 A.M. last Friday, no more shots have been heard. The government troops that have been accused of siding with the militant Muslims have been recalled and replaced with troops that are hopefully more able to keep peace.” Yoder adds that there is no other way to look at this situation. “These miraculous turns of events in the past several days in Ambon could be prescribed to the prayers of God’s people all over the world.”

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