Story number 1 for 1 Feb 2002

By February 1, 2002

(Philippines)–Missionary hostages in the Philippines headline today’s news. New Tribes Mission is appealing for the help of Americans to secure the release of missionary hostages Martin and Gracia Burnham. New Tribes’ Scott Ross says he was pleased President Bush mentioned the Philippines in his State of the Union address, but was disappointed the Burnhams weren’t mentioned by name. “The President of the United States needs to make a statement specifically naming Martin and Gracia and put the Philippine government on notice that he is aware and this situation needs to be resolved jointly with the U-S military.” In the meantime, Ross is asking Americans to get involved. “Call their representative – Senator or Congressman, and also express their deep concern directly to the White House, asking the President, what about the Burnhams. Express the urgency that we are feeling that this needs to be ended.” Pray for the Burnhams, who have been held hostage by the terrorist group, Abu Sayyaf, since May 27th.

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