Story number 2 for 1 Feb 2002

By February 1, 2002

(Cambodia)–Looking elsewhere, a church body in Cambodia has been scattered due to a devastating fire. Bibles For the World reports that late last November, the Grace Church in Kampuchea was a casualty in a slum fire. BFTW’s Rochunga Pudaite. “That whole area burnt and there wasn’t one building left. They have no place to meet. To rebuild it, they don’t know how much it will cost. They said approximately, just to buy the land to build that kind of a church, would cost no less than ten to fifteen thousand (dollars).” Pudaite says they are trying to help the church rebuild, although the poverty in the area is overwhelming. However, the thirst for the Gospel is very strong, and their work is expanding. “We are permitted to print 100-thousand copies of the New Testament in their language. All the Christian workers have been requesting Bibles, and their requests will be met.”

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