Story number 1 for 1 Jan 2003

By January 1, 2003

(International)–Topping the news, Christmas week was deadly in Pakistan and India, just as the days ushering in a new year were deadly for a Christian hospital in Yemen. Open Doors’ Jerry Kitchel suggests that the issue of persecution is not one that will fade. He points to the evidence of 2002. “Just in the past year, we’ve seen such an increase in violence directed toward Christians, especially those that are living in Muslim countries. It’s quite obvious that the situation for them is more complicated, it’s more demanding and they’re being exposed to considerably more violence.” Kitchel describes the trouble as a wake-up call. “As we look back on the past year, and recap some of the tragic events that have taken place, in some of these difficult countries, at the same time, we’re looking ahead to the New Year and saying this is a demand placed on the church here in the United States to be more mindful than ever that persecution is definitely on the increase.”

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