Story number 1 for 1 Mar 2000

By March 1, 2000

We begin today in Mozambique where the country’s president is appealing to the outside world for more help. Flooding in that region has killed at least 350 people and left 650-thousand people homeless. Food for the Hungry’s Shaun Walsh says they’re stepping forward to help. “We’re hiring helicopters for literally doing rescue for people from trees and the tops of their roofs. Many people literally have been there for four or five days. So, they’re drinking water that is full of disease. And, they’re starving to death.” Walsh says they’re dropping relief supplies in plastic bags to help feed these people. He says it’s presenting the church an opportunity to witness. “The local churches are one and part of the same victims here. But, many of them are asking, even though we are the victims we also want to reach out to the same communities.” Call 1-800-2-Hunger if you’d like to help in this relief effort.

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