Story number 3 for 29 Feb 2000

By February 29, 2000

The objective is to learn about missions in the Caribbean-and there could be more painful ways to do it. Evangelism Explosion is offering an imaginative look at their work in the area via a different approach to short-term missions. E-E’s John Sorenson. “We’ve got a cruise with a purpose that we’re going to do in the summertime. It’s a chance for people to spend some time with Dr. Kennedy and to visit three different ports and see the E-E ministries on three islands. We’re going to be visiting San Juan, St. Thomas and Nassau. We’ll be going on to those islands and maybe doing some E-E work there.” Sorenson adds the bigger purpose is to show the passengers the bigger vision of E-E. “If they could just see through the Caribbean, what’s going on with E-E on those islands, then they can imagine what’s going on with all the nations of the world.” The cruise is slated to begin July 15th and ends the 22nd. If you’d like details, check out their website at:

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