Story number 1 for 1 May 2002

By May 1, 2002

(Germany)–We begin today in Germany, where East Germans are flocking to churches in the wake of last week’s school massacre. Idea News reports Christians are holding prayer vigils and handing out Scripture tracts to help the bereaved. Greater Europe Mission’s Sue Holm is in Germany. She’s praying God uses this tragic event. “We do hope things like this, and pray, that things like this will cause people to be more open. Or, be shook up enough to look for answers and to turn toward the church. I think something like this could have that kind of an effect.” According to Holm, the tragedy is giving plenty of opportunities for Christians to share their faith. “It’s a great topic in which you can bring in your faith and talk about the need for an absolute moral standard and where we should go to find that and why that moral code and that moral standard is a good one – why we should go to the Scripture and go to the God that created us.”

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