Story number 2 for 1 May 2002

By May 1, 2002

(Kosovo)–Meanwhile, trouble in Israel and the war on terrorism in Afghanistan is overshadowing many stories around the world. One such story is what’s taking place in Kosovo. Last week, Gjilan (G-lahn), one of the poorest areas in this Balkan region, suffered a magnitude five-point-five earthquake. International Aid’s Alen Talins is there helping the victims. “In that village, there are five thousand people. These people are the ones that are staying mostly under makeshift sheds — sheds that are used for greenhouses — that’s where they stay at night. At this point, it’s still cold at night.” Talins says they’re helping these predominately Muslim people for one reason. “It’s compassion we want to show to them; that how a Christian organization would show the image of Jesus Christ is what Christians would do in times like this.” Pray that seeds of the Gospel will be planted as a result.

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