Story number 1 for 1 May 2003

By May 1, 2003

(Eritrea)–Headlining today’s news, Eritrea, Somalia and Sudan are among the world’s most repressive regimes, with believers reporting widespread persecution in all three countries. Open Doors’ Jerry Dykstra says there have been two new brutal attacks against evangelistic Eritrean Christians over the last two weeks. “Although the 1997 constitution of Eritrea guarantees the freedom of religion to all citizens, actually, Eritrea’s government has become increasingly restrictive against newer Protestant churches. So, a lot of churches have been put at risk, facing beatings and arrest.” Dykstra adds, their support of the church carries on, as do their prayers. “We continue to support the church there with Bibles and with training, and a lot of the Christians there have asked us to continue the prayers. Specifically, they pray for protection, they pray for safety, pray for wisdom in shepherding their flock, especially the pastors there.”

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