Story number 1 for 1 Nov 2002

By November 1, 2002

(Congo)–We begin today’s news in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where a much touted peace treaty is crumbling. Renewed fighting is creating rifts among the Congolese, and threatening any hope of a long-lasting accord. Grace Ministries International’s Sam Vinton. “The situation is such that there is fighting between the Congolese themselves now. So much so, that, in the city of Bukavu, where my son works, the Rwandis have come back in. They’re saying that since the Congolese themselves are not respecting the agreement, that they would come back in. So, the situation is therefore, quite confused.” Vinton says they are responding to new needs, adding that there is also outreach going on. “In the city of Kindu, there has been starvation, because of being encircled by the Mayi-Mayis. We have made two air-freight shipments of food from Goma to Kindu to help the people. My son is working on a third shipment. So, it’s affecting our work in the sense that people cannot travel. [But] We’re thankful that the Gospel is still being preached; the churches are still going.”

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