Story number 2 for 1 Nov 2002

By November 1, 2002

(Siberia)–We turn next to Siberia, a vast tract of land in northern Russia, famed for making people disappear. The forbidding reputation has also had an impact on Christians, many of whom suffered for their faith in Siberia. However, that is changing now, according Trans World Radio’s Rich Greene. “The church is beginning to thrive in Siberia. Trans World Radio has been asked by many church leaders to open a new studio and to place programs on local stations throughout Siberia. So, we are ready to launch this new program. We’re in the process of purchasing land, and we have already placed some programs on a few stations in Siberia.” Greene says the way is open for a new Gospel outreach. “We’re asking people to pray that the Lord will provide the leaders who can man the studios, and then place these broadcasts on the local stations. So, we’re asking people to be praying for that.”

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