Story number 1 for 1 Sep 2000

By September 1, 2000

Topping the news today the fire that knocked radio and television off the air in Russia earlier this week may be good news for Christian broadcasters. Back to the Bible’s David Hansen says they remain on the air. He says people will start listening to their programming because communication in Moscow is at a minimum. “Because of television being off the air and FM stations off the air obviously, people are looking for other things to tune in to. And so there are other ministries trying to add more Russian programming to their network just in order to meet the needs and the interest that exists.” Back to the Bible’s Gregory Bacon says people are turning to shortwave. He says timing couldn’t be better for their October 1st project. “That’s a start up date for re-airing our Russian programs with HCJB via shortwave radio in Quito. And, it’s just been really exciting to see how the timing of all this is leading up to a new ministry venture.”

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