Story number 2 for 1 Sep 2000

By September 1, 2000

Meanwhile, it’s been over a year since the bombing of Kosovo, but refugees are still returning to that country. Jeremy Konyndyk is the Kosovo country director for International Aid. He explains the complexity of the problem. “There are also a large number of people coming in who were granted visas in western Europe because of the political situation in Kosovo. Those visas have now been revoked and so those people are being sent back. So, a lot of those people who have been working in let’s say Germany, Austria and Switzerland have now been forced to come back to Kosovo.” Konydyk says I-A is providing medicine and health care at three hospitals and 10 clinics. He says they’re also enpowering the local church. “They’re trying to set up an NGO. So, we have helped them through the process. In that way we set up a much more long lasting and sustainable mission, because the message is much more sustainable when it’s coming from an Albanian to an Albanian.”

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