Story number 1 for 10 Aug 2000

By August 10, 2000

We begin today in Russia where missionary radio staff are thanking God for protection after this week’s bombing in Moscow. Victor Akhterov works with Voice of Friendship, formerly FEBC in Russia. He says his staff had a close call. “We had two of our broadcasters walking through that underground passageway. And, as soon as they walked out they saw the blast. And, they of course came back and saw what happened. So, it was just maybe a minute after they walked out of the passageway.” According to Akhterov the bombings are forcing President Vladamire Putin to clamp down on freedoms, which hinders the work of Voice of Friendship. “He has the authority to become less democratic and more authoritative and that can create more difficulties for us to preach the Gospel. And, especially in the media. We have more difficulties receiving frequencies.” Pray that God will grant them a license to broadcast in Izvhesk.

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