Story number 2 for 10 Aug 2000

By August 10, 2000

Meanwhile, Iranian Islamic leaders are concerned about the lack of interest in prayer in their country. That information coming from Lee DeYoung of Words of Hope, who believes Christian radio in the Farsi language could turn their hearts to Christ. DeYoung tells us about a speech by an Ayatollah. “In this speech he said that 70-percent of the Iranian people no longer pray, even though by law they’re supposed to pray five time per day. It seems to indicate a sense of alarm, while churches are growing, the adherence to Islam seems to be less committed.” Trans World Radio and Words of Hope are looking in a partnership that will broadcast programming into Iran. DeYoung says this new information means the time is right. “The openness there has never been greater. So, we think that broadcasting as well as other forms of outreach to Iran are very timely.” Pray that God will use radio and this spiritual ambivalence to turn the hearts of Iranians to Christ.

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