Story number 1 for 10 Dec 1999

By December 10, 1999

We begin today’s newscast in Vietnam where the country’s worst flooding in 50 years has left more than five-thousand people dead and thousands more homeless. Evangelical Baptist Missions’ David Haag says they just returned from a medical mission trip to that communist country. “They have completed a two week project of not only hands on ministry with a medical team, but also taking a considerable amount of antibiotics, which are always needed in a situation like that, as well as finances to assist some of the people who have literally lost all of their possessions.” According to Haag this project gives Christians a more open door to share the Gospel. “And, it does enhance their identity in the situation to be seen as the ones who are exercising compassion. I know that it’s provided an opportunity for the church in the west to link hands with the church in the east and I think in that spiritual good will come from that.”

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