Story number 2 for 10 Dec 1999

By December 10, 1999

Next, Trans World Radio is making plans to bolster its outreach to listeners in North and South America. After seeing success in the Caribbean Gospel Network, the ministry will be relocating the Bonaire work to Florida. TWR’s Scott Hollinger. “The location on Bonaire, while it served us well, and continues to serve us well for medium wave broadcasting, is not ideally suited for the kinds of interactive ministry that we now have through the Caribbean Gospel Network…but, South Florida suits both our affiliates and us.” Hollinger is excited about the move because: “It’s really a new day for Trans World Radio. We’ve gone to them and said, ‘How can we help?’ We are learning from our partners at the Caribbean Gospel stations and in return then, we’re able to utilize the resources that Trans World Radio has to produce programs that a local station can use that will most effectively reach their people.”

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