Story number 1 for 10 Jan 2002

By January 10, 2002

(Afghanistan)–Our newscast begins today in Central Asia. For 35 years, Christian Blind Mission International had been serving in both Afghanistan and Pakistan until the events of last fall. CBMI’s Carol Gingrich says things changed suddenly in August. She says they were expelled from Afghanistan, then evacuated from Pakistan. “The embassies instructed people, all of our embassies, and the Christian Blind Mission asked me to leave as well at that time. I gladly would have stayed because I felt it was safe enough for me but, they are required to look after their people, so I did leave.” Gingrich wants to get back to their outreach soon. She’s planning to head back mid-February. Asked how they’ve made an impact for Christ, Gingrich says: “We’ve been invited by the ministry to go back into Afghanistan again. They have invited us on paper to go back in. We’d ask for prayer that we are given wisdom that we can help the people. That speaks louder than anything. One can talk, but what you do is what counts. People see what you do not so much as what you say.”

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