Story number 1 for 11 Dec 2000

By December 11, 2000

Headlining today’s news, while doors are open for evangelism in Nepal, it’s still dangerous. That’s the word from International Needs’ David Culross. Culross says Christians are being persecuted for their faith despite the political changes. “15 believers had been arrested Nepal in a remote area that I can not discuss. 11 of those 15 had been released, but at last word 4 were still being held. What they are concerned about is that this will mark a turn in the policy of the government to a more active persecution and attack on believers there.” Nepal, which is the world’s only Hindu kingdom, has allowed freedom of religion since 1990, but that could change. “The laws before 1990 are still on the books, but not being enforced. And, those laws say that if you convert anyone you can be imprisoned for three years. If you officially take into membership anyone in a non-Hindu religion you can be put in prison for six years.”

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