Story number 2 for 11 Dec 2000

By December 11, 2000

Next, Muslims recently massacred another 93 Christians on an island in eastern Indonesia’s Moluccas chain. The latest killings occurred on a small island east of Ambon, when Christians refused to convert to Islam. Voice of the Marytrs’ Todd Nettleton. “That is often the tactic. Christians are often presented with three choices. They can convert to Islam, they can be killed, or they can run for their lives. It’s often the case that a gun is held to their head and some other threat is made and said ‘Okay, are you going to become a Muslim or are you going to remain a Christian and die?'” The BBC says hundreds of islanders are reportedly converting to Islam out of fear for their lives. To this, Nettleton says: “When Christians have their feet held to the fire, it produces a brand of Christian that is very active, very strong and very deeply rooted in their faith. We need to pray that as they face these incredible trials that they will hold fast to the faith.”

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