Story number 1 for 11 Jul 2000

By July 11, 2000

Mongolia is where we begin today’s newscast, as former Communist rulers are now in power after elections last week. Christian and Missionary Alliance workers are planting churches and helping with relief work. Missionary Jonathon Langford is in Mongolia and says the communists have 72 of 76 seats in Parliament. “The fear of that comes abuses of power. And so, right now we haven’t seen anti-Christian or anti-church sentiment really, but that could change because there’s so many people in one party.” C & MA’s International Director Robert Niklaus says whatever happens they’ll be ready. “We are there to plant churches that can be viable and indigenous in every sense, so that if our missionaries are not allowed to continue in Mongolia that the church will continue to grow. We will maintain our course and work with the church and continue our ministry in Mongolia as long as our sovereign God will keep the door of opportunity open to us.”

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