Story number 4 for 11 Jul 2000

By July 11, 2000

Meanwhile, thousands attended and hundreds of people came to Christ during a church leaders conference and evangelistic crusades in Uganda. Manmin World Mission, based in South Korea, sponsored the event. MWM’s Johnny Kim explains why they were asked to come. “Ugandan people are now having many problems spiritually and physically. They have been suffering from many diseases including AIDS and economic problems. And, spiritually, currently they are many cults in Uganda.” According to Kim, that’s why the minister of justice asked Doctor Lee J. Rock to preach the Gospel. He says millions heard the message. “C-TV, on of the major television stations here in Uganda broadcast it live. According to C-TV more than 3 million people watch the t-v and many people received the message and confessed their faith to Jesus Christ.”

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