Story number 1 for 11 May 2001

By May 11, 2001

(Russia) — We begin today’s newscast in Russia where a mission organization is desperately seeking teachers. Educational Services International‘s Robert Filback says they’re committed to provide 25 teachers, but they’re 10 short. Filback says the need is desperate for a couple of reasons. “We would in fact be breaking contract, so to speak, and losing that contract for that time. Obviously there might be the potential of renewing that, but our integrity is on the line and so we would like to fulfill those contracts this year as well.” Filback says he’s looking for qualified individuals who are interested in teaching English, but also sharing their faith in Christ. He says the need is immediate. “We’re basically looking at completing the team no later than the end of May. I’m actually desperately looking for people to commit within the next week.”

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