Story number 2 for 11 May 2001

By May 11, 2001

(Cambodia) — Next, Bibles for the World is asking for prayer and support as they begin an incredible project to get Bibles into the hands of Cambodians. Bibles for the World’s John Pudaite will be traveling there Sunday. He explains the scope of the distribution effort. “We would provide 20,000 whole Bibles to help strengthen the existing body of Christ. 100,000 New Testaments for them to use as they disciple new believers. And, then Gospels of John, they asked for – for evangelistic purposes and we have made a commitment to provide no less than a quarter-million.” Pudaite says this will require an investment and they’re looking for assistance. “This is going to be a $400,000 project over this year and the year 2002. We just continue to praise the Lord as He provide. He’s provided some of the initial funds, And, in fact, I will be going there next week and purchasing the first 100,000 Gospels of John for the distribution for evangelism.”

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