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Published on 11 November, 1999

Story number 1 for 11 Nov 1999

We begin today in the deluged areas of Vietnam where the disaster is being called the flood of the century. Torrential rains have left hundreds hungry and homeless as they fight to survive. Far East Broadcasting Company’s Ai Nguyen (eye nwen). “They say that this is one of the worst in the last 50 years. They have reported that [there are] over 500 people dead and the loss of property is very great. The road system and railroad systems are so damaged so the relief work is very slow” Nguyen says that the situation there is critical and they’re doing their best to encourage people. “Right now, we are not in the land but we put announcements on the air to people in that area of Central Vietnam because most of the people there are our listeners-listening to our programs through the years…so we sent over the air a word of comfort and also call other churches to try to help out brothers and sisters in that area.” So far, they believe all members of the local churches survived the flooding and are actively involved in relief efforts.

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