Story number 1 for 11 Oct 2002

By October 11, 2002

(Ivory Coast)–In the headlines, with the latest round of peace talks failing, the threat of civil war in the Ivory Coast is growing. Up till now, the area has been fairly stable, so the tension buildup between the government and rebels was a surprise to those caught in the crossfire. Evangelical Baptist Mission’s Chris Marine. “We had no idea this was happening until we woke to gunfire on that Thursday morning. Out of nowhere, without any warning, the gunfire started. It was firing over our campus, and there were times of concern; we had 163 students on campus.” Marine was among the group evacuated from the International Christian Academy in Bouake. He says the situation needs prayer. “Pray that the Lord would lay His hand of protection on the school, that it would not be looted, so that when the situation is resolved, we can get back in there and open the school back up. Also, we would ask that people would pray for the national Christians there; they’re having to live in a very stressful situation.”

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