Story number 2 for 11 Oct 2002

By October 11, 2002

(East Asia)–Next, four unreached people groups in a country closed to the Gospel in East Asia will have Scripture in their own language soon. That’s according to the Seed Company, a ministry of Wycliffe Bible Translators, which is empowering nationals to translate scripture. Agency spokesman Parke Brown. “Another major religion is in the area and they very much discourage people from growing in their faith. So, the church has been rather small up to this point. But, we’re hoping with the scriptures that people will be encouraged now in their faith to have a stronger foundation in Christ so that they can share Christ with their neighbors in a more thought out way.” Brown says support is needed for this eight to 10 year project. “We’re lining up prayer partners and financial partners to go ahead and help the national believers in these four different locations. Pray for the willingness of the believers to endorse the project. Then also, the daily safety and physical needs that any person has.”

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