Story number 1 for 12 Dec 2002

By December 12, 2002

(Indonesia)–We begin today’s newscast in Indonesia where the crackdown against suspected Islamic terrorists continues. Many of the radicals have been driven underground, thanks in large part, to a shift in perspective by the general populace. So says CB International’s Arny Humble. “After this bombing in Bali, there’s a new attitude on the part of moderate Muslims. They are very much against what happened in Bali. The whole attitude toward radicals has changed. For the first time, I believe, Indonesia has admitted that they have terrorists. Before that, they wouldn’t even admit that there were terrorists in the country.” Pray for believers during this time; Humble says the field is ready. “I believe under the very eaves of the mosques, there are hundreds of thousands of potential Christians in Indonesia. I could, if I had time, list scores of stories of people just listening to Christian programs on television, and their hearts are opened to the Gospel in many places-and that the Christians would not lose heart.”

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