Story number 1 for 12 Jul 2000

By July 12, 2000

Middle East peace tops our news today as Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak and Palestinian President Yasser Arafat began talks Tuesday. According to Christians for Israel’s David Sudlow, while the Bible doesn’t talk about a Palestinian state in Israel, the question of peace does open doors for evangelism. “I think of the scripture in Romans 11:11 where it talks about how the blindness has happened to the Jewish people for salvation to come to the Gentiles and that the end goal is that we would provoke the Jewish people to jealously. What we’re doing by standing with them it is provoking them to jealously. It is an undeniable witness.” Sudlow adds that Christians need to be informed in order to reach the Jewish people for Christ. “Our main venue is a newspaper format called Christians for Israel Today. What we hear on CNN many times does not consult the word of God and so that’s the main goal of our publication. We’re right here in Washington. We have our fingers right on the pulse of what’s going on and it’s a free newspaper.”

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