Story number 2 for 12 Jul 2000

By July 12, 2000

Meanwhile, Christians in Nepal continue to face persecution in the world’s only Hindu kingdom. International Needs David Culross says while Nepal officially has religious freedom, the old way of thinking permeates rural areas. “In 1990 there were political changes in Nepal which made it officially an open country for religious freedom. However, at the district and local levels the old Hindu customs of attacking Christians continue to be carried out. And, this is often the kind of reception that is often experienced by our church planters.” Culross says despite the threats they’re moving forward with their women’s training center. “This will be a training center where Bible training is given as well as vocational training. And so these women are taught Bible, are trained in hygiene and a vocation such as sewing, and then they become evangelists back in their villages to other women.”

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