Story number 1 for 12 Oct 2000

By October 12, 2000

Israel tops today’s news. As Palestinian and Israeli leaders discuss peace, mission organizations targeting the Arab world are concerned. Arab World Ministries’ Hobie Dearborn says since Arab people generally side with the Palestinians, it has an impact on their work — especially when it comes to missionaries from the west. “Some of whom might be, for instance, American and hence citizens of a country which is perceived as part of the problem on the other side. And, so a certain number of people might just avoid these folks who are really trying to do friendship evangelism among them.” However, Dearborn says the Arab world is more open to the Gospel than ever before. “The opportunities are definitely increasing and things are happening in the Arab World that we have not seen and I am not seen in 35 years of ministry. It’s frustrating, however, because we don’t have enough people to take advantage of those opportunities.”

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