Story number 2 for 12 Oct 2000

By October 12, 2000

Next, believers in Sierra Leone are having a powerful impact on the country’s peace process. Christians in Action’s Raymond Attawia (uh-TAH-we-UH) says God has given them a wonderful opportunity to effect the nation. He describes a time during the heaviest conflict a few months ago, where Sierra Leonian church leaders asked people to join together at a certain time in a “Jesus shout”. “All over the city, people came, literally, out of their houses and shouted, “Jesus, save this nation!” And, the effect if that is, we believe, the war is over, because things have been getting better and better. We have given Jesus the mission and believe it is in the hands of God.” Attawia says the testimony of the body of Christ speaks for faith, adding that they’re praying for wisdom. “The government and the people recognize the witness of the church. They want to know what is our contribution to peace in our land. We need for the church to be able to use its credibility well, so that we move the nation forward in peace.”

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