Story number 1 for 12 Sep 2002

By September 12, 2002

(Uganda)–We begin today in Uganda where terror continues to hamper the work of an evangelical ministry there. Food for the Hungry’s Dwight Vogt says the Lord’s Resistance Army is kidnapping young teens to be wives and soldiers. Vogt says fear is forcing people from their homes. “Many of these people are fleeing to these main cities, so you’ve got 60,000 to 100,000 extra people and others are hiding in the bush. The farmers aren’t able to farm. That’s creating a huge food shortage now. So, it’s all sort of escalating, spiraling in a very horrible manner.” Vogt says their child sponsorship program is on hold in many areas. However, they’re planning something more in the days ahead in an effort to ultimately share Christ. “One of the things we’re doing right now as well, is putting together a very large relief proposal and we’re seeking funding for that, not just to sponsor children and their families, but all of these people that are fleeing that are going to need food in the next three to six months.”

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