Story number 1 for 13 Aug 2002

By August 13, 2002

(Nepal) — Headlining today’s news monsoon rains are devastating the country of Nepal and hundreds of people are dead or are missing. The President of World Help Vernon Brewer says these are the worst monsoon rains in 30 years. He says their work has been affected. “One village in particular among the unreached people of the Chepangs, the entire village was washed away. 43 believers drowned. One family of 14, every member of the family died except a nine year old boy.” Brewer says they need funding to give them a better platform to share the Gospel. “So, for us as Christians, to step up and earn the right to be head so to speak, and say hey, we’re here to help. We’re here to meet you physical needs. Then, that makes them much more open to hearing about how we can help meet their spiritual needs as well.” Brewer says one-thousand dollars can help an entire family rebuild homes and plant seeds of the Gospel.

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