Story number 1 for 13 Aug 2003

By August 13, 2003

(India)–We begin today in India where a hate campaign against Christians has started in the state of Kerala. Kerala has been a safe haven for Christians. But now, Hindus are blaming Christians for the millions of low caste Hindus who are revolting against Hinduism. Bibles For the World’s Rochunga Pudaite. “And, as a result of that nearly 600-million are now thinking of converting to one religion or another. And, that is bringing a tremendous threat to the Hindu population, particularly to those who have been in the rule of that land.” Bibles For the World wants to send Bibles to the 40-million telephone subscribers in India. He’s encouraging each churches in the United States to send 100 Bibles at a cost of 300-dollars. “We thought if we could provide to everyone a copy of the Bible it would calm the situation there. It’s interesting that so many upper caste Hindus, who have telephones, are writing to us saying that they have never known Jesus Christ the way that they’re reading about Him in this book.”

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