Story number 1 for 13 Jan 2000

By January 13, 2000

We begin today in Kosovo where Christian relief and development is in
desperate need of your prayers. World Concern’s Kelly Miller says while there is
an abundance of supplies, the distribution system is a huge problem. Miller says while
starvation isn’t a problem yet, hunger is. “There are pockets areas still within Kosovo
that are receiving little or no aid. That doesn’t necessarily mean there is starvation.
There’s very, very difficult conditions. And, for those that are living in the villages many
of those places still today it’s difficult getting to them to provide that food security.”
Miller says proclaiming the Gospel is their motivation. “Our mandate is to share the
love of Christ with families world-wide. And, in this situation it doesn’t get much more
tangible than the food and the hygiene items. When you’re providing food and your
providing aid on a regular basis, that question is why are you here. That’s the question
that comes up and that’s the open door to share about your faith.”

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