Story number 1 for 13 Jun 2001

By June 13, 2001

(Iran)–Headlining today’s news, elections in Iran indicate the people of that Muslim nation want change. That’s the word from Words of Hope’s Lee DeYoung. Mehdi Karrubi, A one-time hard-liner who now favors democratic reforms, was re-elected this week as the speaker of Iran’s parliament. DeYoung says this is a good sign for Christians. “This is just one in a series of signs which indicate a tremendous hunger. Many people who might have considered Islam to be the hope for the future, now have lost hope in that. Therefore there is an openness to new sources of hope in their lives especially the Gospel of Jesus Christ.” DeYoung says Gospel outreach must grow. “Word of Hope, with our partners, hope to send the Good News to Iranian people, both through the radio and other means, including the internet. So, we’re cautiously encouraged and believe this is the time of opportunity and exhort God’s people to be in prayer.”

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