Story number 1 for 13 Jun 2002

By June 13, 2002

(Haiti)–We begin today’s newscast in Haiti, where torrential rains two weeks ago battered the country and swept homes and people away. Hardest hit was the southern peninsula where an already weakened infrastructure collapsed under the floods. World Concern’s Teri Johnson says the devastation has plunged an already struggling nation into further ruin. “We have projects all over that area, and, it has pretty much affected everywhere in Haiti, but especially in the South. Hundreds of homes have been damaged and destroyed and thousands are actually worried about having enough food and clean drinking water to survive.” Johnson says World Concern’s work allows them to share the hope of the Gospel. “World Concern has been working in Haiti since 1977, where we’ve built relationships long-term. They know that they can rely on us; they know that we love them. So, it just kind of opens the sharing of the Gospel up a little bit more to where we can show them with both our actions and our words that Christ is there for them.”

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