Story number 1 for 13 Nov 2002

By November 13, 2002

(Uganda)–Ramadan headlines today’s news, as the Muslim holy month is causing problems for Christians in Islamic areas of the world. Short-term missionary workers in Uganda were threatened, according to Bible Pathway Ministry’s Karen Hawkins. “There was a team that was threatened. Their lives were threatened. Men with spears approached the stage and they had to be held off at gun point. The Muslims are very upset because this is their high holy month and that Christians would dare speak out in such a holy time.” Hawkins says there are many Arab Christians who simply need hope during Ramadan. She says they’re providing it through God’s word. “For those who can’t have a Bible, if they have access to the internet, we are on-line. And, if there’s anyone who is a Christian who would like to have an Arabic Bible Pathway, we do send them out overseas. We send them out in plain brown wrappers.” Pray for safety as evangelical work continues in these challenging areas of the world.

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