Story number 1 for 14 Dec 2001

By December 14, 2001

(Israel)–We begin today with a look at the Mideast Truce efforts, which are seemingly being overwhelmed by retaliatory violence plaguing Israel and Palestine. Israel has severed all contact with Yasser Arafat, while at the same time launching a reprisal. The voice of Friends of Israel’s ministry, Elwood McQuaid says they’re keeping an eye on the situation. “Cutting off contact with Yasser Arafat is simply, on Israel’s part, to begin to break down the terrorist infrastructure of the Hamas and Islamic Jihad; so, it won’t have a great impact on us.” McQuaid reminds us that while they expect to continue outreach, they need prayer support. “We need to pray for the Palestinian people. These people have been oppressed by their own leadership. It’s a very difficult time for them. It’s a hard time for the Jewish people. They’ve suffered this fo rso long, too long, really. For both the Palestinian people and for Israelis, we need to intercede before the Throne of Grace that there would be at least some temporary solution to these problems.”

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