Story number 1 for 15 Apr 2003

By April 15, 2003

(Zimbabwe) — Headlining today’s news, while international attention has been on the Arab world, famine and hunger are plaguing much of Africa. Bible Pathway Ministries is focusing on Zimbabwe. Because Zimbabwe’s government is accused of corruption in the aid distribution effort, many countries in the west have stopped shipments. Pastor Alphus says this has caused other problems. “We have Libya coming into Zimbabwe, giving us gasoline and oil in exchange for land. And, that of course comes with strings attached. Mosques and Islamic schools (are) being erected. The government is shifting its attention now from what was a church environment, focusing on this Islamic inflow.” Pastor Alphus is raising money to help with both physical and spiritual hunger. “With $15 you can feed a family for a week and place the Word of God in their hands. (With) the food parcels that we’re distributing to our needy people, we actually give out Bible Pathway materials – those are reading studies – when we hand out food parcels.”

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