Story number 1 for 15 Aug 2001

By August 15, 2001

(Liberia)–We begin today in Liberia where there’s word that troops are on alert and the Liberian government has tightened security in the northern part of the country as rebel troops move south. Humanitarian agencies estimate that some 40,000 people have fled the area since April. Evangelical Baptist Mission’s Doug Boisvert (bwah-VAIR) says that’s where they’re stepping in to help. “Through Mobile Modular Ministry, we bring nationals together to bring the training back into the areas that are unstable that we cannot travel in. Even if they get through the war, get relocated, they’re bringing the training back to their own people, their own churches regardless of where they get placed.” Boisvert adds that the church in Liberia needs prayer support. “They’re setting up orphanages, they’re doing some of their own training, with very limited resources. Sometimes the pastor, all the resources they have is just a paperback New Testament. I’d focus the prayer upon the local churches there. Pray that we’d stay sensitive to God’s plan for the country of Liberia.”

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