Story number 1 for 15 Dec 1999

By December 15, 1999

We begin today in Indonesia, a heavily populated Muslim nation. There are reports of demonstrations in Jakarta over the lack of respect for the holy month of Ramadan. When asked why the Muslim population got quick response, AMG International’s Muriel Lovestrand said: “The Indonesian Constitution guarantees freedom of religion. But, that hasn’t been practiced very widely, and that is why the Muslims are stronger and have gained more control [in Indonesia]. The new President has promised to give consideration to all religions. Some of the people are hoping for more equality in the future.” Lovestrand adds that Ramadan is an fitting time for the Gospel to come through because spiritual awareness is heightened. “Sometimes there’s more opportunity to speak to your neighbors, opening up a conversation about Christianity, questions about “do Christians fast, and if so, why and when?” Those things do come up during the month of Ramadan, which are not as much discussed at other times.”

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