Story number 2 for 15 Dec 1999

By December 15, 1999

Next, the entire Muslim world is observing the holy month of Ramadan, which began last Thursday. An estimated 10 million Christians around the world will be praying for the world’s one billion Muslims. Arab World Ministries’ Bob Sayer says this time of year is difficult for non-Muslims. “Because of this heightened spiritual time, some of the people who aren’t Muslims in these countries could possibly persecuted or at least thought less of if they’re not Muslims and not partaking in this fast. And so, it’s a difficult time for our missionaries and for the nationals in these countries who are not Muslim.” Sayer says they are offering a help guide for those who want to pray. “We have an e-mail prayer guide that goes out daily during the whole month of Ramadan, and you can find this prayer guide and sign up for it at our website. I think it would be great if people could mobilize churches to reach Muslims, and I think that we, as Christians, need to really begin reaching these people for Christ.”

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