Story number 1 for 15 Jul 2002

By July 15, 2002

(Afghanistan) — We begin today in Afghanistan where there’s fear war lords could take over the country that’s been freed of the Taliban. World Help‘s Mike Clinton says that’s not the only concern. “13 of the 26-million people, that’s half the population of Afghanistan are in critical need of food and or medical help. If they don’t get food or medical help they could die. Even though it’s not made headline news as much as it was making, the situation has deteriorated beyond, I think, anyone’s expectations.” Clinton says they’re raising money to help these people. He explains why this is such a high priority for World Help. “Because Afghanistan is still an unreached nation. There are millions, and millions, and millions of people who have never heard the Gospel. If they’ve heard the name of Jesus, it’s probably not been in the right context. And so, it’s a major focus for that very reason.”

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