Story number 2 for 15 Jul 2002

By July 15, 2002

(W. AFrica) — Meanwhile, as nations in Africa have formed a new African Union, the conflicts around the continent are still causing problems for ministry there. Christian Blind Mission International’s Carl Becker says conflicts in West Africa directly impact their work. Becker says civil war in the region isn’t a reason to stop their work. “We still need to help our project partners in these areas try to help people to recover their vision, but also to recover their spiritual vision, and just getting the supplies they need to them is getting more and more difficult.” According to Becker a 50-dollar gift can help these West African people see physically. However, that gift also helps many spiritually. “A lot of people are more open to the Gospel because their physical needs have been met. A lot of the project that we have, have either pastors or chaplains who are talking with patients and their families and are able to present the Gospel to those people.” Pray that many will receive both physical and spiritual sight as they’re helped.

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