Story number 1 for 15 Jun 2001

By June 15, 2001

(North Korea)–Topping the news, policy talks between the United States and North Korea are continuing, despite worrisome news from the East Asian country. North Korean officials say they are grappling with the worst drought of their history. That could translate to a need for international assistance. International Aid’s Milton Amayun. “What we have done is to collaborate with “International Aid of Korea”. This is an organization composed of Christian leaders in Seoul that want to help their brothers. We are in the process of developing a program, not only to provide food and other kinds of assistance, but also as a facilitator for reconciliation between the North and the South.” Amayun says they have been and will continue to send assistance, all the while planting the seeds of the Gospel. “When North Korea opens up, and I think that the time is not very far into the future, we will be there. We will have the contacts and people will have been prepared-their souls and their hearts will have been opened.”

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